Click And Pay, Click And Pay That Is What Losers Do All Day

by Michelle on November 23, 2008

I’m in such a beautiful mood right now, I had the best night last night. My girlfriend Stef and wanted to check out a new after hours K24 they serve drinkys 24 hours! The bar is fantastic, hipsters everywhere my kind of scene. These 2 semi geek’s were staring at us the whole time so we decided to talk to them and have them pay for drinks. When my friends and I go out we never pay, why should we? That’s YOUR job losers. The guys turned out to be some Hollywood rollers so we decided to take them for a ride, thanks to the good ol iphone I showed them my Niteflirt page and told them about what I do. One of the guys Jerry was such a submissive loser turned on turd, I saw his small little time dick getting hard so made him sign up while were sitting there and click and pay every single button on my page. K24 turned out to be a grand $$ event. A new Michelleaholic in the making.
It’s been a real click and pay weekend with Enlik the loser whore click click clicking away at my sweet soles & de la perfecto arche. Click and Pay Click and Pay that’s what whore loser Enlik does all day. He hears that drumming in his head as he marches to my page and my silken nails press his loser fingers down clicking and paying. Give yourself a purpose in life. Me.
Hollywoodhose is still caught in my golden hose stuck between my reenforced hose. Never ever able to escape.

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