Hot As The Fires In Los Angeles My Foot Fetish Worship Slaves Obey

by Michelle on November 17, 2008

The air quality out here really sucks with all the raging fires that have been going on in Los Angeles so I decided to stay in all weekend and play with my hosiery freak and other assorted new budding Michellaholics that have come my way.  Hollywoodhosehead just can’t stay away from me we are going on day 5 of severe forced intoxication with the finest of all drugs, Me. I’ve devoured him and taken his addiction to a new level I am his forced intoxication Priestess. I feed my insatiable greed for money and push my seduction right into my pocket. I can’t wait for the Mexico trip he is paying for.

“hollywood.hose: What was troubling me last night, was an image of what i feel like.  If my brain was like a house, then i feel like i invited You into my house, then You found the key to my house and locked all the doors from the inside, then You covered all of windows with pictures of You in pantyhose, then You placed the key on an anklet and then wore pantyhose on over the anklet.
hollywoodhose: And then You told me to come get the key and whenever i try to approach You point Your toes at me and gently sway Your foot back and forth and say innocently, “what’s wrong, why don’t you take the key?”
hollywoodhose: i felt sad and the sadness made me see reality and the reality made me see the futility of my actions.  Knowing the futility of my actions made me think that i was on my way out of my problem.  However, after a few hours of percolation, my lust, inflamed by Your images and words overtook me again.”

My Dutch treat super loser Enlik has agreed and come to his senses that he should be here for one of my many parties to be the server of my soiree.  I have him right where he belongs all wrapped up in the silken tips of my long glamorous nails. Enlik is trying his hardest to be my Loser Of The Month he is grasping at that honor and doing ever bit of worship that he can.  Enlik a very good loser when he behaves properly and shows me the respect I deserve from such a second rate dumb Dutchman. 

Click, Call and Get Seduced.

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