A Greedy Princess Gives Hosiery Intoxication To Weak Victims

by Michelle on November 13, 2008

It seems as though the whore enlik has fallen to his knees and came crawling back again after he had a brief hiatus trying to stay away from me. E, my soles and perfect pedicure will always make you come to me.

I spent the past couple days with a new toy Hollywoodhosehead. He came to me and then I intoxicated him in ways he never imagined a greedy princess pusher could. I bound and gagged him mentally with my hosiery collection. Each day as I feed his addiction the entire day long into the night getting what I want. He keeps questioning how he can go on this way,
How can he live such a pathetic life of being a hosiery addict. I’ve been really helpful in his addiction bringing him back for more and more. My reinforced toes have him bound.
Day 3.
hollywoodhoseslave: Good morning. i thought i had cleared my head last night and i slept well. When i woke up, i started having wayward thoughts and feeling weak again. When i saw Your message about encased by Your control top, i started flipping out again. i felt a shiver up my spine. You, Your words, Your pantyhose, Your body and Your feet are too much for me. i can’t keep going like this. There needs to be a terminal point to lust. i can’t constantly feel like this. i can’t function.

Click, Call and Get Seduced.

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