Can’t Pay Rent Because You Spent It On Me? So What!

by Michelle on November 3, 2008

Wow what a wild Halloween weekend I really just recovered now. First of all my boyfriend was so hot for me in all my little costumes that he just fucked me non stop with his big huge cock. Hands out of your pants perve I didn’t tell you that to get you a hard on with your snicker snack size dick. I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween Humiliation mp3 and picture set in my hot sexy lil outfits. While you were having some boring ass time I was out at the Halloween parade in West Hollywood, It was a total feast for all you sissy cock suckers that want a big bone in your mouth. Shirtless gay boys all over partying and looking to get fucked. A perfect place for a budding closet fag. Loser Chrislosesit spent a late night Sat with me and was so nice and drunk I had him screaming his pathetic little heart out that he was going to go broke and not pay his rent and give the money to me instead. With a huge smile I took it upon myself to toss my greed at him and take it all. I had him recite it over and over and scream it to let everyone know. Oh the sweet melody of a loser screaming my name. I saw these really sexy heels I wanted really bad so I made the loser buy them up.
Enlik you stupid fucking loser Niteflirt whore you owe me fuck face I got you all dialed in.
I added a new clip of my on my youtube of me shaking my perfect ass on my wii fit that my sissy whore loser Desiree got me.

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1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 01720040

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