Intoxication Forced And Willing Of A Princess

by Michelle on October 17, 2008

It’s been a fantastic week of intoxication both forced and willing. I have a acquired a new Michelleaholic jay from Atlanta. Jay is a young worshipper nerd who’s a big computer geek and he is really into the bible and begged to buy me one so I can get saved.  Jay is a chronic masturbator and he can’t stop wanking and cranking to beautiful woman and of course he is a virgin. He’s really obsessed with meeting me but jay you need to impress me to meet me don’t you know that! I kept taking all his money even though he needs it to pay for school, like I care. Thanks for the new shoes!!! Keep then coming and just maybe I’ll meet you.

For the forced intoxication party of the week we had slut fuck face jack on the loose.  He loves to get on cam and pile blow up his alien freak face pie hole.  I can’t even post cam shots of his because he is far too nasty for my pretty page.  I had the loser at $5.50 a min for a good solid 3 hours of watching his get his ass beaten down into an intoxicated submission. 

Desiree did a little drive by drugged $200 drop off just to show me what a cracked out bimbo she always will be for me. Smokey smokey smokey for me!

Who wants to party and let me get them all sorts of fucked up! I know you’re sitting here staring at my perfectly worked out and toned ass. LOSER!

Call me up and get your worship going. New callers get 3 free min to get the seduction under way.
1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 01720040

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