Michael Turns Into Molly The Party Server.

by Michelle on October 11, 2008

The weather in Los Angeles is finally cooling down at least this week it is and it’s so nice out! I’ve been in such a giddy mood even with the economy in the shitter. I’ve had a few amazing ass worshipping sessions. I spent all of Friday night with my friends and a slave who we used as a party platter all night. We started him out on his hands and knees with a tray on his back with cheese,crackers and some olives. It really is nice to have a party platter that’s strapped on a losers back. After the cheese and crackers were devoured it was time for the servant to get into his maids outfit and get that champagne flowing with raspberries in each glass. I gave maid Molly strict instructions to make sure the ladies never had an empty glass and if I saw someone needing and not getting she was going to have to shove a big plug up her ass for 20 min. Loser sissy maid Molly did not disappoint I didn’t think she would especially if you saw the size of the butt plug I had ready if she misbehaved. Molly paid $1000 for the privilege to be the maid for the night with 5 of my bitchy hot girlfriends and also supplied all the party goods including food and spirits. Thanks Michael don’t worry I’ll never let your friends know your filthy little secret!
New callers get a few free min to get seduced by me.
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