Red White And Blue Bimbo Loser On Cam

by Michelle on October 5, 2008

Uptight jerkwads get your panties out of your ass and let loose. I love getting into current events so this month will feature a lot of red, white and blue balls. This weekend has been filled with forced intoxication sissy’s its been amazing. Jack started the weekend off with one of his famous blow benders in a hotel with a mistress on cam. I would post pictures but seriously he is just to pathetic for even I to post on this precious Princess blog. Sean the beer swigging sissy called up and got on cam for me in a fantastic sissy surprise of a pathetic loser outfit. Sean was in a hotel room away on business and felt the itch to really show everyone what a freak loser he is. I started the session by getting Sean totally wasted and stupid drunk and then spent the next 2 hours making the bimbo do humiliating tasks on cam for me one of which included going to the hotel room door and unlock it and leave it jarred open so any guys that wanted to come on by could walk in and have a bimbo at his disposal. I love when losers leave their wedding rings on when they get on cam, it really accentuates the fact that they really are a total fucking loser.

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