More Moore Moron Part 2.8

by Michelle on September 9, 2008

*UPDATED* 8:35 PM .. Moore Tuesday comes to a close. THANK YOU Diane for the awesome time at the mall today with you calling me on Financial Domme and talking to the sales ladies letting them know you are my pig and you and that loser moron of yours are here to please me .xxx.

In Progress right now ….. part 2 of the financial destruction… time to fork over more now MOORE.

Part- 3 Financial consultation underway…. Moore do the next step…. There is only one way to my heart. A couple hundred down. I’m not really impressed as I said that will cover lunch at Payard but thats for the thought.
Part -4 Ring Ring he will be back in a heartbeat since the moron can’t figure out how to tribute and talk at the same time. dumb da dumb dumb dumb. Oh look another $100 dropped in as I type… try calling back on the Financial Domination line and let the assets flow a bit faster. Click here MORON

Part 5- Dipshit is back but yet was too fucking stupid to click the button above… Fuck you and your fashionista wife Diane that new Diane Von Furstenburg I want is going to paid for by her. NOW, I just hung up on the moron now and the only way to call me back is on Financial Domination and a nice thank you note in the form of a large tribute.
Part 6 -Mr & Mrs Moron Moore Oh Diane the wife of the clueless moron just sent me $395 tribute to go buy myself the beautiful Diane Von Furstenburg dress I wanted. She is really spoiling me rotton, wait till she gives me those shoes and the fantastic ring thats sitting on the dresser in that little crystal dish! I’m gonna get everything I want! So Far.. So Good.. MORE MORE MORE MOORE
Part 7 – Business calls time for a small lunch break, I might go to the mall and find some more things that Diane the loser Mrs Moore will be buying me today from her account.

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Lyman Posa March 10, 2010 at 10:58 am

Mistress makes me mindblowed!

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