Back To School Season Of Michelle Loves Money Academy

by Michelle on September 2, 2008

I love the long holiday weekends they always end up so busy with calls on Niteflirt from all the horny married’s that had to suffer with the lame wifey poo or lame-o girlfriends all weekend and didn’t get laid.  I can’t say the same for myself of course I got laid all weekend and I feel very satisfied.  I had a few good pigs this weekend that get mentions. JT the loser financial domination picture seduction pig plopped me fistful of Benjamin’s to get my Fall shop on.  I rode him out with a pay to view picture tease until he was turning into a slick and swift ATM forking over hundreds to see my naked hot ass.  Christophe found me on the web and has been begging me not to turn him into a sissy bimbo cock sucker loser.  Christophe you’ll have to keep paying me to keep that from happening and of course I’m going to make you divorce that wife of your’s and take what’s now mine. Bimbo Des got me my wii, look how sexy I am playing my hula hoop game!

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