Humiliation Assignment PB&J Piggy Loser Cam Party

by Michelle on August 29, 2008

Smucker pucker fucker pig boy loser party cam time. Today’s adventure was going to be a down home back to school homage, so what better then to go back to school with an old time lunch fave peanut butter and jelly hoggwhichs. LaundryMatt has been striving so hard to be the pig loser of the month I’m impressed.
We started with a bag of white trash wonder bread and 2 jars of jelly and a big old jar of peanut butter to slather all over his nasty disgusting pigboy baboon body. He really is doing a great job of being a total pathetic loser on the internet for me.
Style – 7 not that impressed go bigger next time
Loserness – 10!
Junkyness – 7 could have been more sloppy
Pussyness – 8

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