Princess Wants A New Fall Handbag Princess Will Get What She Wants

by Michelle on August 25, 2008

I think I’m still hungover from the weekend thanks to JT in Ohio buying my girlfriends and I drinks all night long and the car service to get our asses home. Never drink and drive always make some sissy loser pay for your way home ladies. I did manage to make it to the Beverly Center to get a little Sunday sale at Macy’s in. I found this really sexy purse by Michael Kors that I really need to have for Fall. I of course expect you worshipping michelle-aholics will be buying this for me so it’s been added to my wishlist.
I’m currently working JT over right now sending him picture after picture making him so weak. With each response is a tribute going towards the sexy hot Diane Von Furstenburg dress I must have. Spoil me rotton!

Buy me gifts off my wishlist. Impress Me, Spoil Me, Give Me what I want.

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