Craft Party Loser Humiliation Hoggy Style Party

by Michelle on August 19, 2008

Another entry for the hogg blog. Hoggust loser of the month is sure to go too………well at least loser of the week.
Loser went to the Hobby Pigg craft store and got all the goodies to do one of my activities I enjoy crafting! SHAKESHAKESHAKE the glitterJARRRR!!!!!!!!

We know one thing for sure.. all that glitters is not gold.

How does he heart me,
One: with his gobbly mugg
Two: with his inky-tinky-toodle – doo
Three: with BOFE wiggly ‘n’ jiggly manboobs (Mooobs)
Four: with his dummybagg slathered in Elmers and ‘pompommed’, ohmoo
Five: I’ll just say, “glittered and bitchtittered”…
Six: like a Walking creampie, banana type
Seven: like a troo Loser of the Month, He’s in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

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