Pork Pie In The Eye The Midwest Piggy Hog That Could Part III

by Michelle on August 6, 2008

You’ve seen this pigg go hogg-wild for a trough full of piggybutter cups. You’ve seen him stuff mushymallows like their nobody’s business but a professional wallower’s. You’ve even seen him stuff a McDump’s dubba-cheeseburger and chase it with a handfull of candy corn. But you’ve never seen anything like this. Coming this fall, the full-length, full-bellied, pot-bellied, bugg-eyed creature-feature himself in…LoozaPalooza: The Biggest Winner. Watch the Midwest Pigg go for the Pie in the Sky of a teensie-tinesie kissy of Mistress Michelle’s perfect, taut, panty-clad derriere. The catch? Whumpty Dumpty must gain 50 pounds by Christmas. If he does, he gets to fly to meet Miss Michelle in person, lay $1000 at her feet, and beg for a teensy half-second New Year’s kiss of her sweet bottom!

 Follow the action live with weekly weigh-ins and Supa-Gobble sessions, special features, recorded calls between Michelle’s monkey and Michelle herself, interviews and more! Let’s see if all the kings horses and all the kings men can put Whumpty Dumpty back together again after New Years!

So come see, in his own words, “A Pigg what ain’t afraid of the trough”

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