Start Off Your Morning Right With A Forced Intoxication Session

by Michelle on August 5, 2008

I love so much starting the day off with a party pig who likes to get smashed at 8am.  This total loser has been calling girls on Niteflirt forever drinking and smoking weed on cam like a little freak. Submissive Niteflirt addict opted for beer and ganja instead of coffee and a cigg.  Beer for breakfast how disgusting, what a dickwad.  He loves to suck on his pipe and have breath play while he has to hold it in and then blow it into the cam for me all while I make him spoil me and pay my tribute buttons.  Enlik one of my devoted dutch michelleaholics called up begging that he finally knew what it was that he wanted in life, and it was to be stuffed like a fat pig just like my phat muffin stuffin kow.  I gave Enlik a list of all the nasty sugars I wanted his pansy sissy ass to devour and told him I wanted a photo of the goodies and a call the next day.  Later that night I get this email “ Dear Goddess Michelle, It was wonderfull talking to you. It has long been a fantasy of mine to be on a special diet, but now that I have to begin, I realise, that I can not go through with it. I can not destroy my body by eating only cakes and chocolate. I am very sorry. ”  Enlik you are a pussy!!! Sissy ass bitch!!! You will ALWAYS be mine!!!!!! Enjoy, losers….

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