Sissy Sunday Mass & Why My Weekends Are Better Then Yours

by Michelle on July 28, 2008

Bitch boys, Michelleaholics and Sissy’s galore seemed to attend my Sunday Sissy Mass yestersday. Lucky me had 6 hours of back to back sissy Niteflirt phone fun. I dressed some sissy’s up and then I dressed some sissy’s down. I financially dominated 2 and I made one married dickwad ride his wife’s dildo and call it George. I never can seem to get over the fact of how repressed so many of you men are. Thank goodness you have me.
Life in Los Angeles is so wonderful, this weekend my friends and I rented a convertible and cruised the coast and stopped at various beaches watching men drool like lost puppies as we rubbed lotion all over each other like some xxx porn shoot. Amazing how thats all it takes for the men to start coming over with beer and other beach luxuries that we don’t have to deal with. Being me is amazing, I do make serious arm candy.
I’ve found this new book coming out called Confessions Of A Contractor. I ran across this youtube clip and I am so excited to get this book and read it on the beach! I already pre-ordered it on Amazon !
You should go order it as well so we can discuss the book for our Summer beach bitch read. How many of you losers wifey poo’s are getting it on with the contractor! I bet some of you sissy boys want the contractor all for yourself!

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