Sissy Assignment Tacky Shopping Mission Be A Campus Cutie

by Michelle on July 14, 2008

Greetings my Michaholics,
One of my sissy losers has nearly completed his “Campus Cutie” assignment and he was so good that he taped himself to give me some proof that he was doing as i said. Part of the assignment involves going to a popular girly teen store and buying an outfit to wear in public on campus. Enjoy the following sissy loser and listen in on how pathetic you dorks can be! Are you craving your very own loser assignment? Are you a pathetic loser who craves humiliation? I can make all your dreams come true.
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Dear Michelle,
i sat outside Wet Seal for a bit watching beautiful College Girls shopping for clothes.  i settled on an outfit sitting on display that everyone was thrilled about.  i went in and bought it in preparation for my trip to the TU Campus.
i have to say, i am really wondering if i have the guts to follow through with such an assignment.  But so far so good.  i’ve attached the audio from my shopping trip and will make my plans to obey Your instructions.  This will be very humiliating and sexy and daring!  i can’t imagine how You came up with it!!  i will write again when i’ve accomplished this task.
(listen to the audio of the sissy buying his outfit click the link below)
Shopping At Wet Seal



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