Red White And Blue Balls Of Fire Happy Independence Day 2008

by Michelle on July 4, 2008

Piggalicious loser and I had our Huffin’ Puffin’ ‘n’ Stuffin’ your FACE-muffin, date. As you can see by the pictures we had a great time. As a last moment bonus I decided to have the kow to get a jar of honey and make his way to the craft store and grab a multi colored bag of feathers. As you can see we have a feathered clown nose pigger ready to eat his way to the golden fat bricks of lard to line his body. This is one of the best losers to ever call niteflirt. Is this considered phone sex? I’d think of it as total entertainment i’m getting paid for. Highlights for me included the Mcpiggy burger stuffed with piggy candy corn. The pussyish bags of mushy marshmallows being stuffed down were pretty precious as well. Let the diet begin! Enjoy the gallery of my piggy. If you were training with me, this pig could be you! Have a safe July 4th!!!
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