Piggalicious Hungry-Hungry Hippo Diet For Loser Pathetic Piggy’s

by Michelle on July 2, 2008

It’s such a thrill when I get a caller who’s actually a total fucking freakazoid.  I’ve been lucky enough to lure the resident idiot of Niteflirt KowBux.  This looney is so fun he moo’s like a cow and ends his moo with a big ol snort and an oink.  I can only describe this freak as an ashtray dunce who stuffs his face full of stinky butts, a junky butt monkey potty paper pig who wants to clean my perfect 10 ass.
The cow went on cam for me and he has a nasty belly. I’ve decided he needs to get a lot fatter so I’m going to put him on the Hungry-Hungry Hippo diet. He claims is going to gobble  like nobody’s business for me on his hoggycam.  I’ve ordered him to get 2 bags of mini Reeces piggy butter cups, 2 large bags of marshmallow’s and 2 jars of crunchy peanut butter. I’m looking to pack on 40 piggy pounds by Christmas so we need to get that dumpy cakehole stuffed and fast!  Updates to follow! He is well on his way of being the Loser Of The Month.Do you want to be on a special diet? Call me and we can make a special diet just for you.
XOXO Michelle
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