High End Submissive Sissy Bimbo June Blowout Session

by Michelle on June 30, 2008

Here I am with a smile on my face after a glorious weekend filled with everything about me. I posted a new ad for Niteflirt on youtube for all the submissive losers and money pigs out there who haven’t found me yet. I had a few new callers already who tasted the drug and became intoxicated. Pay Per view like crazy!
I’ve taken a ton of new sexy pictures in all the lingerie that you worshipers keep sending me. I just love taking pictures of my hot body and then making you pay to see them. You know your place always paying for my luxurious life.
Speaking of living the high life. My drugged out sissy tranny loser Des and I had a very long chat yesterday. He/she/it and I talked for 3 hours, the first hour I put he/she/it into a trance to give me a very large tribute for being such a stupid brain blasted bimbo. Hypnosis worked and he/she/it sent over $1000 to give me everything. My millionaire cock loving loser also gave me all his information. I was thinking of posting it so you guys can have some free phone sex from a tranny whore. Desiree might like that a bit too much though and I know he/she/it looks at this all the time waiting for me to post ever bit of info. I don’t think I’ll post it all just yet…

More of the SEXXY lingerie that came in the mail this weekend from some secret admirer who reads the blog. Buy me stuff!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Call me!
Another Piggy Spoils

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