Devoted Helpless Addiction To Michelle Loves Money Niteflirt Princess

by Michelle on June 11, 2008

I just got back from a really hot weekend in Chicago with my friends checking out some amazing food and of course, listening to the blues. My devoted helpless loser just could not stay away from me this past weekend. His wife walked in on him jerking to my niteflirt page. I think that is beyond hysterical what a dork. I can’t wait for him to get rid of her so I can have all the cash spent on me! My devoted submissive addict pays up like a devoted dork.  My weekend was well spent shopping and dining.  My adoring dork loves to rant on and on about me in my feedback. See the love and adoration a true worshiping loser gives.

*****Michelle is guiding me through my divorce from my bitch wife. Michelle is all the reason and I so Love and need her help. Michelle is just perfect in so many ways. I can’t wait till I can fully dedicate all I can to Michelle after my b’tch wife is out of the picture !!!!

*****I am so glad I found Michelle, she will be forever in my life in one form or another. Michelle is exactly who I’ve been needing, I just wish I would have known her years ago. Michelle could have prevented me from making my biggest mistake in life and getting married. I am just so glad she is here now to help me finish my marriage in Divorce to my stupid wife and to help me grow closer to her to love and adore her, to devote my life to her, to have her controll my every being. Michelle is now the center of my world !!!

*****  Michelle is the most beautiful, perfect, princess, mistess, queen, ruler of my world, anything you could imagine Michelle is by far the best I’ve ever spoken with, I so loved how she has nurtured me into her life and is working her ways into my life controlling my, getting into my mind, wanting to live my every thought in ways to glorify Michelle

*****This journey with Michelle is truly absolutely the most wonderful, beautiful journey I could have ever imagined. Michelle is taking me down a road I never thought would be so wonderful so amazing, She is just so perfect, so real, in everyway. I never dreamed life could be like this, I never want to be another day without Michelle in my life.

*****Michelle makes my world wonderful. Without Michelle in my life I would havev no reason to be happy, no reason to continue on, nothing to work for and no one to please. Michelle is easily taking over my life in one of the most wonderful ways I could imagine. I’m so glad Michelle is supporting me through my divorce and she is even helping me with ways to make certain my wife leaves as soon as possible. I will be saying goodnight to Michelle every night instead of my wife

*****Michelle is absolutely the best here on NF, an amazing body, and beautiful face, and a mind that makes me love and adore her the most. Michelle is helping through my Divorce of my B*tch Wife. Michelle is guiding me so gently and wonderfuly. When I’m single again I can completely devote my time and life to Michelle

*****Michelle is awesome so wonderful. A great mind ride and journey.

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