Beat June Gloom On Niteflirt With Sexy Princess Money Loving Michelle

by Michelle on June 2, 2008

I had a really great weekend it was like I went to a Luau I roasted so many pigs. It started in with my blazing hot gift pig who showered me with a ton of lingerie from my wishlist just so he could see me in lingerie that I picked out. Thanks FB! Of course when I take all my pictures looking stunning I’m still going to charge him to see me in it. Would you expect anything less from a money loving bitch like me? Then I trapped a dork and milked him over a series of sexy paid mails. cha- ching bring on those piggy’s. I also did a small trapping using my sweet thighs with my weak sub male in Colorado. He stays on the phone with me on Sunday mornings as I go out for breakfast and do my thing he likes to ride along and see what life is like for a stunning Princess in Los Angeles. I spent Sunday night at my fave local bar with Princess Tabitha and as usual we never pay for drinks. Whats the best way to beat your June gloom. With me. Make my summer better then your’s call me.  Wanna see me in something sexy from my wishlist?  buy it bitch!

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