Happy Memorial Day Michelle Loves Money Niteflirt Style

by Michelle on May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial weekend geeks. I spent the weekend partying at this amazing mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  I got myself a fresh manicure and pedicure to chill in the pool but the weather was really nasty out so it was indoors and no bikini for me.  I kept noticing this man checking out my fingers, I thought it was just my ring that was blinging away.  I was up at the bar and he came over and complimented me on my manicure and dainty girl hands.   He was really sexy so how could I resist to flirt back.  I was even with a date but I didn’t give shit.  Hot and sexy guy and I tossed a few shots back and then he was begging me to scratch his back with my nails.   I started to tease him and put my hand under his t-shirt and gave him a few scratches.  I knew from his wussy moan I had him like jello in my claws.  I told him to take his shirt off and I was going to give him the best back scratch he’s ever had.In honor of myself and Memorial day I scratched in a nice big M into the dorks back so he can walk around the rest of the night thinking of me and this holiday.  He had no idea for about 20 min when everyone was laughing at him and he couldn’t quite figure it out. Ha Ha Ha

Sucker!!!! Kiss Kiss Michelle

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