100 Degrees Of Hotness. Niteflirt California Princess Heatwave

by Michelle on May 19, 2008

This weekend was a total heatwave both outside and in my pocket.  I can’t believe it’s not even summer and it’s already been 100 degrees outside in Los Angeles.  The hotter it gets the less clothes I wear, I guess that’s a good thing for you loyal dorks that keep up with my wardrobe. One of the highlights of my weekend was this call I got the other morning.  A total fagarella called me up and got on cam for me dressed as the biggest sissy bitch of the day.  The best part is this super awesome shirt that it has on that says “I swallow” what a pretty tramp!!  Fagarella said he wanted to date me or knew of any single friends that might be interested.  Hysterical, I know.  I berated and humiliated him over and over and he couldn’t understand why I would never date a loser who calls Niteflirt let alone wears a wig and a sissy shirt.

I had a few hours of fun with my Colorado pansy ass who I found out is actually a cultured caller with taste ALMOST as good as mine.  He understands my need for designer greed and indulged me this weekend and I went and got the most sexy Joie  dress for summer.   Looks like a new ass for me to kick around and put right into my pig pen.

Sissy Swallows!

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