Mean Niteflirt Cash Princess Cuckold Weekend

by Michelle on May 14, 2008

I spent the most amazing weekend in New York City. I shopped the entire day and went out dancing every night. My Male maid was so desperate to hang out with me but I wasn’t able to make time for a lousy $500 meeting at Bloomingdales when I had bigger spenders to tend to. My friends and I met a group of guys at the St Regis hotel in the bar and decided to play with them as they had there eyes on us all night. Lucky me I found the submissive jackpot when I met Daniel a sexy debonair man in his mid 40’s tall and handsome and wreaking of my favorite cologne “cash” made by the good old mint. After a few round of drinks and I thought I would test Daniel out. I took off my red lace thong from my tight dress and balled them up in my hand and whispered in his ear “go to the bathroom and put these on now”. Daniel jumped up… tended to business and that was when I knew he was mine. He had a suite in the St Regis and I spent the night. I showed him my page on Niteflirt and my site and he finally believed me when I said I was an expert wallet raper and humiliatrix. I had him get undress and keep the panties on and while he was standing naked I took pictures with my iphone. He was so drunk he said he would give me anything I wanted to delete the picture. Of course earlier in the day I found this amazing Joseph Murray necklace from Bergdorf Goodman that was a few thousand and I needed it. Turns out Daniel is some big  married corporate big wig exec and didn’t want to take that risk. Click, Pose and $5000 cash and one brand new necklace for me! Humiliation is such a bitch especially when you end up with panties on and a camera phone.

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