Airport Humiliation Day Sissy Assignment Niteflirt Style

by Michelle on May 7, 2008

Starting off the day right is the best. I get really excited when I get an actual interesting call from a very willing humiliation participant. Brad called me from the JFK airport in New York and told me he was a total humiliation junkie and was willing to do anything. My ears perked up with delight at the thought of hearing “will do anything”. I didn’t believe he was even at the airport until I heard the blaring call of a boarding flight. I asked Brad about himself, he seemed to be the typical married shmuck joe average u.s.a. He was on his way from JFK to North Carolina with his wife picking him up when he got there. Airport adventure now this is something I haven’t done yet. First things first, 10am est time perfect time for a cocktail. Three gin and tonics and 2 shots of tequila and Brad was ready. I thought about having him pull a Sen. Larry Craig move b ut nah, too boring. I opted for the nail salon in the airport instead. Brad got right in there and I could hear the ladies chatting with him. He got into his chair and requested a very spring time femme color. I heard the lady laughing and said “YOU WANT COLOR”! He said his tiny little shrimp dick turned into a raisen right there and then. At the end I made sure he requested the pedicure flip flops to board the plane in since he can’t risk smearing his sexy new paint job. After sitting unuder the the dryer he got his flips on and made his way to the gate. We parted ways, Bon Voyage Brad, I hope the wife thinks you look extra pretty.

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