Loser of the Month April

by Michelle on April 26, 2008

Congrats Loser of the Month!
For the most part the losers who call are awesome losers. The once in a blue moon comes along one total idiot who trys to run the show. This jerkoff has been bothering me all day and all I made off him was a measly $120. He called and I got to see him cam as you see in the picture it was worth it kinda just for this shot alone. First call he leaves me awesome feedback. Then later in the day when he keeps annoying the fuck out of me yahoo messenger and I don’t play along with his games Which are, this is funny “lets shop at Victoria Secret online using my credit card” Thats genius!! First of all Victorias Secret is where my sissys shop not me! After I won’t play his little game he decides to leave me negative feedback!! GENIUS!! Words coming from a freak like this….
Look how sweet he is with his lipstick all over himself!

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