Goddess Michelle’s Habitual Masturbation Affirmations 28 min 

You’re going to spend the next half hour focusing on my gorgeous voice. You’re going to listen deeply to my voice and I’m going to imprint in your mind how you’re a chronic masturbation addict. You’re going to be so turned on as you feel the deep self shame in your masturbation addicting. You are a chronic masturbator you can’t keep your hand off your cock All you want to do is stroke. It’s never enough for a habitual masturbator like you. You’re going to stroke all day and all night and all the time in between as you listen to my repetitive affirmations. Let my voice sink deep into your head as it empties out and becomes a void that only I can fill. 

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Hypnotizing Nipples Milk Your Wallet Dry

by Michelle on September 21, 2017

I said now, whatever you’re doing it’s time for you to show your obedience to my hypnotic Goddess Michelle’s gorgeous nipples. Are you ready? Open and do as I tell you. OBEY GODDESS MICHELLE.

Click and pay, pay my nipples.


Listen to 30 minutes of my luscious voice telling you repetitive sayings to increase your phone sex addiction. Just hearing my voice and listening to me degrade you about your phone sex addiction takes it to a new level of pathetic addiction. These repetitions will deepen your phone sex addition making you more of a phone sex addict than you ever could imagine was possible. You have phone sex addiction, you can’t stop calling phone sex lines. Phone sex lines are your favorite thing. You love having to pay to jerk your cock off to random Woman. Your phone sex is only getting more intense. You love phone sex lines. You love calling new girls all the time. You’re a phone sex addict, you love spending your money on phone sex lines. Calling phone sex lines makes your cock so hard. Nothing makes you cum harder than calling phone sex lines. You are addicted to phone sex, you get hard just looking at the phone sex sites. You’re addicted to phone sex.



I know you have a really extra special craving, don’t think I havent observed it. I know what you want to put in your mouth. I’ve seen your mouth watering for it, something really big, something really juicy doesn’t that already kinda make you feel a little funny between the legs when I say big and juicy. I knew thats what you were thinking and thats why I said it. Of course, I don’t mean a burger, I mean something more meaty and special. I know you want a big juicy cock in your mouth, do you think I don’t know what kind of a faggot you are? Do you think its ever been some secret with me, from the first time we talked I could hear it in your faggot voice. When ever I would talk about my adventures with cock it was almost like you were getting jealous. You were asking me so many details about sucking cock and well, I think we both know why. You’re a faggot with a craving for a huge cock in your mouth. Not only are you a faggot, you’re a fucking size Queen!


Cum Slut Training Audio MP3

by Michelle on June 13, 2017

Just from listening to this humiliating session you will acquire a new craving that you won’t be able to stop. That craving is going to be for hot sticky loads of cum in your mouth. Whatever your favorite meal or taste was will be gone. The only taste you’re ever going to crave is hot cum, you’re going to love the taste of cum more than anything you’ve ever had before. You’ll begin to do anything to get that cum in your mouth and you love receiving a big load of it right into your mouth. You’ll take it any way that you can get it because you love cum so much. You never had any idea that you loved cum this much but hearing me talk about how obsessed you are for the taste of cum is increasing the desire to have the taste of cum on your lips. + Hot photo for you cum lovers to focus on.